Hardships Of A Refugee Camp

Qadoora Refugee Camp










17 thoughts on “Hardships Of A Refugee Camp

  1. I didn’t expect that a refugee camp as despair as the pictures showed would be located in the city of ramallah ,where as when I first looked at it I thought it was Gaza. The living conditions look very overhwelming ,streets arent clean ,and it looks very poor. It’s sad that a place like this exists near by a rich area and nothing is done about it .


  2. This is so sad..it’s a shame to see what refugees are going through and what circumstances they are surrounded by while standing still doing nothing to help. These are humans who are less lucky and hoping to have a good life and we should all participate in this responsibility by giving them from the heart not just for the sake of giving..this is humanity.


    • If we know that they get no support from any organization, that leaves it to us that are in a better condition than them. Little by little, hand in hand, things should start changing and getting better if we all unite to help our own Palestinian Refugees who left their original homes, yet they stand fighting for our land.


  3. I love how you shot the beauty within the struggle. Many of us struggle and see no hope in ever achieving change. In this case, no matter how tough their situation is they’re still able to smile, feel united, and be passionate about something. These are one of those rare things we come across in life and feel inspired by! Thank you so much for capturing such shots and sharing them with the world. Hopefully these people will stay strong and find happiness in a better place, or in the place they’re are in until then. May Allah be with them.


    • I like the way you think! Many more people need to think in that direction in order foe these people to live in a better environment. Thank you for the support too, hopefully will take many more better shots later on too. Even within the struggle they’re going through, we see hope in their eyes.


  4. while these people are living in such a hell inviroment , rich people are eating pork in thier fancy table and doesnt give a shit about it , such a sad thing.


  5. some people are having a nice slice of meat at thier table , while others are living in an unacceptable circumstanceses and inviroment , shame on humanity .


  6. How unfair this is! Most people don’t even know about these hidden streets in this refugee camp, I’m glad someone was interested enough to share this misery in such brilliant way!


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